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[calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] branch master, updated. 20160705-63-g83faeef;h=83faeef19bb1c5a8fd2a9283cb7752bfe41aed52

commit 83faeef19bb1c5a8fd2a9283cb7752bfe41aed52
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Thu May 12 16:45:33 2016 +0000

    Tweak email recipents
    Add stromeko to errors list
    Add jturney and yselkowitz to Bcc list;h=e3f4bcfc8699211e24a58063f6094287d7f09d78

commit e3f4bcfc8699211e24a58063f6094287d7f09d78
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Fri Jun 24 14:23:51 2016 +0100

    Also check for skip: but install files
    Check the condition both ways, so the presence/absence of skip: matches
    absence/presence of an install tarfile

 calm/ |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/calm/ b/calm/
index 7d5a5d5..0513084 100755
--- a/calm/
+++ b/calm/
@@ -468,7 +468,7 @@ def validate_packages(args, packages):
                 packages[p].skip = True
       "package '%s' appears to be source-only as it has no non-empty install tarfiles and no dependencies, marking as 'skip'" % (p))
-        elif has_install:
+        elif has_install and any(['skip' in version_hints[vr] for vr in vr_list]):
             logging.error("package '%s' has 'skip:' hint but also has install tarfiles" % (p))
             error = True

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