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Re: [PATCH 1/4 setup] package re-/de-installation from CLI

Jon TURNEY writes:
> There have been a few reports that setup no longer installs the dependencies
> of explicitly specified packages in unattended mode, and this seems to be the
> culprit.

IIRC, when this was last discussed some people wanted the dependencies
to be followed and some didn't ("just install the package").  But I
guess it makes sense that in unattended mode it acts like it was going
through the chooser page by default.

> A small patch to fix this is attached.

Thanks.  Since you've found a different implementation, this hopefully
doesn't re-introduce the bug that using the back button in some places
will cause all packages to be re-installed.

> (I note with amazement that setup has two dependency solvers: one in
> PrereqChecker, and one in packageversion)

Heh.  There is quite some code in there that isn't really used.

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