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Re: libtool ../bin hack for cyg*.dll not working

On 2013-10-11 23:52, Warren Young wrote:
> libtool has long had a hack that causes it to install cyg*.dll into
> bindir instead of libdir by appending "/../bin" to the end of the
> installation directory.  While trying to get SQLite 3.8.1 working on
> Cygwin, I've found that this isn't working any more.  (It did work in
> SQLite 3.7.17.)
> I've narrowed the problem down to a difference in the generated
> .libs/libsqlite3.lai file.
> With the SQLite source repo tip, that file contains:
> dlname='cygsqlite3-0.dll'
> In 3.7.17, the same line is this instead:
> dlname='../bin/cygsqlite3-0.dll'
> One of the many differences between SQLite 3.7 and 3.8 is that 3.7
> shipped a libtool based on libtool 1.5, whereas the 3.8 source tree
> currently includes 2.2.6 from libtool 2.4.  That's the
> current version on Cygwin, too, so re-running libtoolize or
> autoreconf doesn't help.
> Did this feature change its nature between libtool 1.x and 2.x?
> Another difference is that SQLite is no longer using automake.
> Perhaps the generated from SQLite 3.7's was
> doing something that the handwritten in SQLite 3.8.1
> doesn't?
> If you want to see this yourself:
>     $ cd some/tmp/dir
>     $ fossil clone sqlite3.fossil
>     $ mkdir sqlite3-head
>     $ cd sqlite3-head
>     $ fossil open ../sqlite3.fossil
>     $ ./configure
>     $ make
>     $ ./libtool --mode=install install /usr/local/lib
> (The latter two steps are a simplified form of "make install" without
> a lot of unrelated junk getting in the way of seeing the problem.)
> Obviously, I can hack around this in my cygport file, but I'm hoping
> there's a way we can fix the SQLite build system so that it does the
> right thing without a post facto hack.

Works just fine for me.

$ make
$ grep dlname .libs/libsqlite3.lai
$ grep dlname .libs/
$ grep dlname
$ ./libtool --mode=install install /usr/local/lib
$ grep dlname /usr/local/lib/
$ ls /usr/local/bin/*sqlite3*
$ ls /usr/local/lib/*sqlite3*
/usr/local/lib/libsqlite3.a      /usr/local/lib/


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