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Re: setup

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> There's no reason for upset to create more than one style of checksum.
> MD5, SHA512, SHA512/base64, whatever.  What I'm talking about is the
> client side.  The setup tool should understand all types of checksums
> used.  Right now it identifies MD5 vs. SHA512 just by the length of
> the checksum.

OK, that's easy, then.  Just check for 86 and 88  characters for the
non-padded and padded variant of the base64 digest.

> CMD is out of the question, this running on a Linux box.

The scripts just set up the environment and then call to Perl.  It's
really a lot easier to do in (ba)sh than in cmd, so that doesn't need to
worry you.

Again, the origin of those scripts was a different task, so I'd like to
spend some time on discussion of the feature set you're envisioning for

> I forgot that the upset repo has been hidden from the public for a long
> time, and these days there isn't even a repo since it has been deleted :-P
> If you're willing to take a look into these upset perl scripts, please
> apply for a normal ssh account on via
> Use my private email address as approver.  And make sure to use
> *another* public SSH key for shell access than the one you're using
> for Cygwin uploads to avoid confusion.

I'll do that, but expect no comment before Perl 5.22 gets out the door.

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