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Re: lablgtk2 (was: [ITP] unison2.48)

On Fri, 2015-06-12 at 03:54 -0400, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> OK, pushed to  I
> started with the version in Cygwin ports - the cygport file and two patches.  I
> adjusted the cygport file as follows:
> * Added ocaml_lablgtk2_REQUIRES and DEPEND.

Was something missing from the autogenerated requires?

> * Replaced $OCAML_LIB_DIR (I think it was) by usr/lib/ocaml.
> * Changed ocaml_install (which I can't find anywhere) to "make old-install
> DESTDIR=${D}".

These are both provided by ocaml.cygclass.

> * cygport warns that a few files haven't been installed into any of the
> packages.

Those would just be files related to deprecated libraries which we
wouldn't support (namely gtksourceview 1.x and libgnomeprint).  Those
could be added to PKG_IGNORE for clarity.

> * I had to remove ocaml-lablgtkgl2 from the build, because there's currently no
> gtkglarea2.0-devel package in Cygwin to build against.

There is, libgtkgl2.0-devel.

> That's as far as I got.  You're welcome to take it from there.

OK, I went ahead and moved ocaml-lablgtk2 and ocaml-lablgl into the


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