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RE: [PATCH] Setup Chooser integration

Gary, I haven't reviewed this yet...

Can we, with the patch as is, do the following:

Pop up a chooser?

That's it. Nice and simple eh? Well, once I've got the collection based
PickView together, then that should be all there is to it.

What is this in aid of?

Image: you click on 'install' for 'gcc', and up pops a window that lists
everything that gcc depends on (both requires as we have today, and
'suggested' items that aren't always needed but are useful - ie
autoconf), that was not selected before that click. 

Likewise, if you click ash off, up pops a window listing everything that
depends on ash, with an addiotnal message of "Warning: removing ash will
cause these packages to be removed as well.

So what I'm asking you now, is if your patch to the chooser will work in
with this long term plan, or are they orthogonal, or is it a step

I guess we could replace the view in-place within the setup window -
maybe that would be better and cleaner? (Noting that the PickView class
is heading to be a win32 window with reflector inheriting from your
Window class, so we need some way of removing/hiding the saved window
and then restoring it...)

Anyway, is this clear as mud?


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