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Re: [PATCH] Setup Chooser integration

On Tue, Apr 02, 2002 at 03:14:28PM -0600, Gary R Van Sickle wrote:
>> Image: you click on 'install' for 'gcc', and up pops a window 
>> that lists
>> everything that gcc depends on (both requires as we have today, and
>> 'suggested' items that aren't always needed but are useful - ie
>> autoconf), that was not selected before that click. 
>I'm drawing a blank at the utility of such a feature, at least in the guise
>of a popup of any kind.  You're saying that as you go through the dozens of
>packages you want and select them, that a box pops up bugging you about the
>dependencies of each selection, which you can't do anything about anyways?
>That sounds like it would be extremely irritating.

Ditto.  I also have to admit that I don't see how this corresponds with any
complaints or requests that I've seen in the cygwin mailing list.

>>Likewise, if you click ash off, up pops a window listing everything
>>that depends on ash, with an addiotnal message of "Warning: removing
>>ash will cause these packages to be removed as well.
>This does make quite a bit of sense to me.  But wouldn't MessageBox()
>or something akin to it be a better fit to the task?  The only possible
>user input here would be "Yes, remove ash and everything dependent on
>it" and "Cancel", and the only output a list of package names.

Actually, I think that automatically removing dependencies is not a good
idea.  If I select binutils specifically, then select gcc, then uninstall
gcc, I would probably be annoyed to see binutils disappear.


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