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Re: ChangeLog indentation

I am absolutely certain about the correctness of the facts you mentioned. You are the authority here. However:

- Telling people to model is not enough. You yourself predicted my failure. Why not a better document? -- Of course, my statement is invalid if only one newbie (I) made mistakes. I don't suppose so.

- The point is not about correctness. People are human instead of machines. People are easy to be misled if not already knowing the correct thing to do. For you it must be simple and straightforward, but not for everybody who wants to contribute. -- To say the details, I thought I need to "model" the content but not the format; the concept of CVS ChangeLog interferes; the guidelines talk of bracketing function names but nothing about structs....

Somebody else mentioned TABs. I thought he is right, but I am not sure when reading your reply. I do not have to use a tab before the asterisk in the ChangeLog?

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei

I just deleted a long reply to this message.

I realized that I'd just be repeating myself.

However, I'll try to briefly make a couple of points:

- The contrib web page says to model your entry on winsup/ChangeLog.

- If you can download files via the web, you can download a ChangeLog

- AFAICT, I never mentioned anything about tabs.  I only said that
 Ralf Habacker got the indentation wrong.  You should go back and
 actually look at the changes that I made.  It wasn't the lack of
 a tab that I was referring to.  It was the "hanging indent" style.
 I actually made a couple of other changes there too.  All of the
 changes were for problems listed under "Improper ChangeLog

That's it for me.


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