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RE: sem_getvalue patch

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> With a little effort, I've managed to build a cygwin1.dll that exports
> sem_getvalue().  The version of cygwin1.dll that I built seems subtly
> hosed, though - while I can compile and run my test program from
> within a Windows cmd.exe shell, trying to run bash or ls (and probably
> a great many other things) hangs.

Here's the patch... fairly straightforward, if I've understood the SUS
spec for the function correctly :-/

As for the apparent hangs in bash/ls/etc. - well, perhaps it was my
patch, perhaps not, as I was building from latest cvs source.  Since
I can't find any documentation that indicates if a particular method
for adding an export to cygiwn.din needs to be followed, this patch
simply tacks sem_getvalue to the end of the list.



winsup/cygwin/ChangeLog entry:

2002-06-06  Sam Robb <>

	* (sem_getvalue): New function.
	* (__sem_getvalue): Diito.
	* thread.h (__sem_getvalue): Ditto.
	* include/semaphore.h (sem_getvalue): Ditto.
	* posix.sgml: Add sem_getvalue to "Synchronization" section.
	* cygwin.din: Add symbol for sem_getvalue().

winsup/doc/ChangeLog entry:

2002-06-06  Sam Robb <>

	* calls.texinfo: Remove 'unimplemented' tag from sem_getvalue.

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Attachment: sem_getvalue.diff
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