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cygpath costmetics

Here is a mostly cosmetic change for cygpath. I organized the usage
output so that it is more clear (to me) that the -ADHPSW options do
not require an argument. I also changed the desciption for --help
to 'output usage' from 'print this help' since the latter looks mighty
silly on the web or man page.

The only non-cosmetic part is an attempted fix for the new
'--type mixed' option. I have to confess that I don't understand how the
'--type dos' option is different from --windows, or why '--type mixed'
is a better solution than a --mixed option. I'm CC'ing the author of
that patch so perhaps he can enlighten us if not already reading this
mailing list. In any case, however,
the -ADHPSW options should respect the new option and I think these
two lines of code will do it. I'm still not able to compile the utils
right now, though, so that code is untested.


2002-06-18  Joshua Daniel Franklin <>

	* (usage): Clean up usage output.
	(dowin): Correct output of -t mixed for -ADHPSW options.

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