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YACP (Yet Another Cygpath Patch)

The major change that this make is setting the UNIXy output to be the
default. This was already true for the -ADHPSW options. If this is a
bad idea for some reason unknown to me, there were only 3 lines changed
to do it. (Everything still works with --unix, of course.)

Also, thinking about this new --type TYPE option, I was wondering what
exactly the 'dos' type did. So I look at the code:

-         if (strcasecmp (windows_format_arg, "mixed") == 0)
-           mixed_flag = 1;
-         else if (strcasecmp (windows_format_arg, "dos") == 0)
-           /* nothing */;
-         else
-           usage (stderr, 1);
-         break;

Ah! It does /* nothing */, I see. So also this patch REMOVES the
-t, --type option and changes it to -m, --mixed instead. This is hopefully
easier to understand.

Also there is gratuitous alphabetizing of the longopts and options, and
various cleanup in usage().


2002-06-18  Joshua Daniel Franklin <>

	* (usage): Clean up usage output (more).
	(main): Change --type option to --mixed; remove '/* nothing */'.
	Make UNIXy output default.

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