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Re: Please explain how to add to a thread in this mailing list

On 2016.08.11 19:37, Eliot Moss wrote:
On 8/11/2016 7:28 PM, Thomas Taylor wrote:
I tried to reply to the person who replied to my original post. I did this by sending an email to this mailing list, with "RE: <original subject line>" as the new subject line. The mailing list took this to be a reply to my original post, rather than a reply to the person who replied to my original post. Should I have used "RE: RE: <original subject line" instead?

No -- you should look at the addressees in the mail and responder
only to the sender, not the list, if that's what you want ...

But you ASKED a different question: how to add a (presumably new)
thread to the LIST.  I believe you simply need to send a new message
or change the subject more, and not use RE: ...    Eliot Moss

Also note that most email threading happens using headers which are rarely seen by humans (using the internal message id's) so if you reply to a list message, even if you change the subject completely, many email programs will still indent it under the message you replied to. Whether those headers are set correctly depends on your email software (although most seem to do the right thing.)

Also note that it is not the mailing list which determines threading. It's all done at display time by the software reading the messages, whether that's your local email software (thunderbird, kmail, ...) or some web email interface.

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