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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-*-gcc-5.4.0-2 (x86/x86_64)

On 8/18/2016 20:08, Tony Kelman wrote:
>> Sadly I seem to get similar-looking access violations even after rebuilding
>> 5.4.0-2 from the -src cygport with the patch for GCC bug 66655 added. So
>> maybe some other change is also needed to get this working, hopefully one
>> that is included in GCC 6. I'll have to test a cross-compilation from
>> opensuse where they already have mingw-w64 GCC 6 packaged and see if things
>> are in a better shape there.
> I also get a segfault when I cross-compile with GCC 6.1 from opensuse 13.2
> (needs wine to run this particular bootstrap build step), so this looks
> like it's something else. To be sure, could you test the small ipa-ra.tgz
> test case from the top of
> with your build? It runs correctly with my build where I've applied the
> patch, but the larger Julia+LLVM case doesn't work. So this is something
> new, and/or wasn't
> actually a duplicate of 66655. Will continue investigating.
> -Tony

The -2 build already includes the patch on the 66655 link.

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