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Re: Is there a newer syslog-ng in the works?

On Aug 18 13:35, Matthew Hatch wrote:
> On 08/18/2016 03:39 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Aug 17 16:09, Matthew Hatch wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> I've noticed that syslog-ng hasn't received much attention in cygwin
> >> and is several years out of date (3.2.5). As such, it is missing some
> >> features that are useful and pretty standard today in most syslog
> >> daemons (ie: support for multi-line messages).  Is there any chance of
> >> getting an updated version (say, 3.7+) built and released?
> >
> > All versions after 3.2 don't work on Cygwin anymore because the
> > syslog-ng developers introduced a module loader mechanism incompatible
> > with Cygwin.
> >
> > Updating to a newer version requires considerable porting effort.
> >
> > If somebody has fun to take over syslog-ng maintainership and work
> > with upstream on a modernised Cygwin port, please feel free.
> Thanks for the response! If recent versions of syslog-ng are no longer
> suitable for Cygwin, would it make sense to dump it in favor of
> rsyslogd, provided it doesn't also have similar issues with porting?
> I'm no developer and wouldn't be the one to take up such a project,
> but I'm just curious.

I never looked into rsyslog sources so I can't tell, but probably it
has similar issues requiring a major porting effort.  Ideally some
developer with a bit of spare time and interest in the issue would
put some effort into porting the latest versions of either syslog-ng
or rsyslog.


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