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Re: issues with startxwin not loading x windows

Maybe I am way off base, but this seems similar to what will happen if a
.startxwinrc file's commands don't have something that waits.  My .startxwinrc
looks like this:


xrdb -merge ${HOME}/.Xdefaults
xmodmap ${HOME}/.Xmodmap

UC="${USER} console"
xterm +tb -geometry 110x62+4+0 -T "${USER}" -n "${USER}" -name "${USER}" -bg rgbi:.0/.2/.2 -ls -iconic & xterm +tb -geometry 110x62-10+0 -T "${UC}" -n "${UC}" -name "${UC}" -bg rgbi:.5/.0/.1 -ls -iconic &
xemacs -iconic -geometry 110x61+0+0  -T xemacs &

That is, it sets some defaults using xrdb and xmodmap and that opens two xterms and one xemacs.
Note that those last three commands end in & ... they are this started in background.  The
'wait' is very important here!  Without it, the X startup process terminates and then the
X server exits.

Hope this helps, or at least does not add too much noise to the conversation!

Eliot Moss

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