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Re: building libgeos [solved]

Hey guys,

after a couple more trials was able to solve the issue. I am not sure
exactly what was the problem but I'll be reporting the full

Neither I am certain that the libgeos shipped with cygwin has an
issue; it looks like it was a matplotlib basemap issue instead.

Anyways here is the full process to get matplotlib basemap on cygwin:

1) <<Do not>> git clone .
Instead use their releases page: . Follow the procedure
indicated in their github home page.

2) After the "> ./configure --prefix=$GEOS_DIR" but before the " >
make; make install" edit the file include/geos/platform.h on line 87

#if defined(HAVE_ISNAN)
# define ISNAN(x) (isnan(x))
# if defined(_MSC_VER)
#  define ISNAN(x) _isnan(x)
# elif defined(__MINGW32__)
// sandro furieri: sanitizing MinGW32
#  define ISNAN(x) (std::isnan(x))
# elif defined(__OSX__) || defined(__APPLE__)
   // Hack for OS/X <cmath> incorrectly re-defining isnan() into oblivion.
   // It does leave a version in std.
#  define ISNAN(x) (std::isnan(x))
# elif defined(__sun) || defined(__sun__)
#  include <math.h>
#  define ISNAN(x) (::isnan(x))
# endif
# define ISNAN(x) (std::isnan(x))
# include <math.h>
# include <cmath>
now proceed to the " > make; make install" and continue the procedure
as informed.

Thanks for all the help!

Best regards,

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