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unzip, find broken by auto handling of .exe file extension

I am in the process of importing zip archive contents into an SVN repo and have encountered problems when unzip-6.00 expands an archive containing an executable file in a directory that contains a subdirectory with the same base name as the executable. If the executable happens to occur after the subdirectory, unzip works, however if the executable is first, unzip fails with the error:

checkdir error:  testAutoExeExpansion/test exists but is not directory
                unable to process testAutoExeExpansion/test/.

Luckily I am able to use 7z extract, which does not exhibit the unzip problem and even allows me to exclude the culprit subdirectory (which luckily contains nothing I am interested in).

In the process of trying to solve this problem, I used find-4.6.0 to try and delete the subdirectory after extracting with 7z to no avail. Even preceding the path match with a type directory spec find gets confused (so did the svn commit BTW).

The enclosed ruby unit test reproduces the minimal circumstances of the issue for both unzip and find. It is likely that this is a common problem somewhere in the bowels of file 'globbing' in cygwin only.

You might need to gem install minitest to get the enclosed test case to run.


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