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Re: per-version hints proposal

On 31/08/2016 20:13, Achim Gratz wrote:
Jon Turney writes:
calm will be changed so that:

* The requires: line written in setup.ini will contain the union of the
requires: from each pvr.hint

* The sdesc:, ldesc:, category: and message: lines in setup.ini will be
taken from the pvr.hint for the curr version

I've not given this much more thought, but I think we should change the
setup.ini syntax to allow different values for _all_ keys in a package
for each version.

Yes, ultimately.

There's not much value until we have some functionality or UI which uses that, though, and changing setup.ini syntax like that is probably incompatible with older setup.

The ones that are not in a specific section
(i.e. where they are now, right after the package line) would just
provide a default that gets used when there is no version-specific value
provided in the corresponding section.  Calm could/should move such
key/value pairs to the default when they are identical among the
majority of versions, otherwise use those from the current version.

This seems perhaps a bit of a premature optimization.

The setup.ini will be compressed, so any redundancy between versions won't affect the file size much.

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