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Re: Extreme Slowness of cygwin commands [SOLVED?]

On September 1, 2016 at 11:56 (Ben Altman) wrote:
 > On 8/29/2016 3:23 PM, wrote:
 > > On August 29, 2016 at 01:18 (Ben Altman) wrote:
 > >   >
 > >   > This comes a while later but I was wrong and you were right.
 > >   >
 > >
 > > Glad to be of service.
 > As a follow up, I contacted Trusteer about the issue and did some basic 
 > troubleshooting and it turns out that Rapport Cerberus, one of Rapport's 
 > Anti-malware protection mechanisms, was the issue. Renaming all the sys 
 > files in 
 > C:\ProgramData\Trusteer\Rapport\store\exts\RapportCerberus\baseline and 
 > rebooting solved the problem. In the meanwhile, they said they expect 
 > the problem to be resolved in a future release of Rapport.

Good work!

I notice more and more banks are starting to either require or
recommend this package.

I've no idea what it does except in the most general terms but one of
my banks won't let me log in unless it's running so this has been
quite a nuisance as I have to stop it w/ their management interface
and then use task manager to kill their management interface which is
what seems to be the problem, etc., each time I need a bank balance.

And sometimes that stop or restart doesn't go right -- IE almost
always crashes* when it's restarted, etc. Doesn't sound like much but
20 minutes of your life going down the tubes on something that should
take 2 minutes (check a balance) gets old, fast.

* Some of my vendors only work right on IE, otherwise never use it so
everyone please save the advice :-)

        -Barry Shein

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