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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gdb-7.11.1-1 (TEST)

The following package has been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

* gdb-7.11.1-1

The GNU debugger allows you to debug programs written in C, C++, and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion and printing their data.

This is an update to the latest upstream version. See the /usr/share/doc/gdb/NEWS file for a list of user-visible changes.

In addition, it contains the following patches carried forward from the previous Cygwin package:

* Teach the demangler to deal with '@'-decorated __stdcall functions
* Various fixes for Cygwin signal handling
* (experimental) Teach gdb how to unwind frames for the Cygwin signal delivery wrapper functions _sigbe and sigdelayed
* Warn rather than stopping with an error if realpath() for a DLL fails
(Tim Chick)
* Fix a memory leak which would occur in the case when the result of realpath() is greater than or equal to SO_NAME_MAX_PATH_SIZE (Corinna Vinschen)

and the following new patches:

* Thread name support for Windows, set via [1], as used by Cygwin's pthread_setname_np function (Руслан Ижбулатов)

This gdb requires Cygwin 2.6.0 or later (See [2]).



ec27a704df461b84160ee5f01abfe91be42d9b25ceb2a9ac1f37d955e56f91cb53412373317a65a11cd8377a92fea6a2d58263bd4c76b3c9dc95d23e99c785bc *gdb-7.11.1-1-src.tar.xz 3b97cc796c0cd46e2b97c0a7b873e428d2a08f77d69f06e0e40948f1db38f634a5fd2f2ba3f0e80c7b88e38565323fa30cd98c027702d94d9f569fb1a8769b5b *gdb-7.11.1-1.tar.xz 0f6d14ce70f26df88cda38ee22c7452932e3ebb511b06adc7184564396d384d1310be39976629132b29cdde671fee21088ea5d297aae071f1ea5b5f483d54b5e *gdb-debuginfo-7.11.1-1.tar.xz


d2422731bdf0e7f5fa57fb03de3bf74b6e6e866c1f4b4adf1489554a5f43188fc18dd1d651ee2a4865e04aee079037fef27c0cb49105b071939b0e8a024634bc *gdb-7.11.1-1-src.tar.xz 824af6c61d803c60679b952db04e023044f97108c623995cb4a394c6e1e6e40bddc4eec7b727ada034b65bed71814d1fb97105549920eaf62549ba301c52e8e5 *gdb-7.11.1-1.tar.xz 357dd4fecba4983664fe99f79ec29e4ed1638bc37d6dd013e9e2c8c85207b43172d8e0c437c0e280623c498adf554b4fcc54dbc15b6e8224302f718d87ba9f1f *gdb-debuginfo-7.11.1-1.tar.xz

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