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Re: Advice for debugging heap mismatches? (Win10 Insider build 14926)

Tony Kelman wrote:
You've got two different cygwin1.dll somewhere on your PATH.

For more information, I have one cygwin64 installation on C:, one
cygwin32 installation on E:, and they're never both on my path at
the same time. I'm not sure where that orphan registry entry that was
showing up in cygcheck.out came from, but I removed it and it made no

With only one Cygwin installation on C: I can only come up with wild guesses. Are you somehow alternating between the C: and E: Cygwin versions, or running them simultaneously from separate windows, or accidentally running 32-bit Cygwin commands from a 64-bit Cygwin terminal window? Unusual stuff like that?

One sure-fire way to make sure your 32-bit E: installation is not causing havoc with your 64-bit C: installation is to temporarily rename E:\cygwin32 to E:\somethingelse and retry your build. This should not be necessary but I don't know what else to suggest.

I have in the past run 32-bit and 64-bit Cygwin installations simultaneously on the same machine, in order to build 32-bit and 64-bit Cygwin DLLs at the same time. Never had a problem. But that was Windows 7 so probably not applicable.

This is absolutely due to a change in Windows itself. 3 updates in
a row now, 14926, 14931, and now 14936, it's 100% reproducible just
from updating Windows. Downgrading to build 14915 gets everything back
working again, but that build is now expired so the only way for me to
get back to a supported build of Windows where cygwin works properly
is by totally reinstalling Windows. I haven't done that yet, but if
we can't identify the problem and a solution soon, I will have to.

I see what you've been saying about different insider builds of Windows 10 but I don't think anybody here is beating up on these releases.


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