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Re: Native symlinks and setup.exe

Please don’t

> On 4 October 2016 at 17:56, Gerrit Haase <> wrote:
>> Hello Gene,
>> in my opinion, it is not a setup.exe or tar problem, but I think
>> packages should not include symlinks at all. All can be created
>> postinstallation by the postinstall script, inside Cygwin and the
>> users environment it is running on.
>> Obviously, a political discussion is required, to decide whether it is
>> ok, as is, or if a change in package logic would have benefits.
> On Oct 4, 2016, at 3:41 PM, Gene Pavlovsky <> wrote:
> That is a good point as well, however I'm not sure what are the
> opinions of Cygwin's "elders".
> Would everyone vote for creating a policy like that and pushing it to
> the package maintainers?
> A political discussion is what I'm trying to start here :)

I am not a “Cygwin elder,” nor do I play one on TV.

Packages are going to include simlinks because packages have simlinks in them.
The goal of Cygwin is to minimize the work that has to be done to port a package.
For example, the gawk package includes a link to awk. And so forth.

I don’t see that changing. And, as already noted, setup isn’t a Cygwin program,
so it knows (and cares) nothing about cygwin environment variables.

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