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Re: Detecting case sensitivity

On 10/19/2016 7:10 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Sep 20 18:03, Ken Brown wrote:
I found an old discussion
( about the
possibility of adding a _PC_CASE_INSENSITIVE flag to pathconf.  Has anyone
thought further about this?  I would find this useful for emacs[*].

I've taken a quick look at the pathconf code, and it looks like it wouldn't
be difficult to add this.  I could try to provide a patch if the powers that
be would be receptive.

/me marks herself as being receptive

Should the getconf utility be patched to support the new _PC_CASE_INSENSITIVE flag? I'm asking because getconf doesn't currently support the Cygwin-only flags _PC_POSIX_PERMISSIONS and _PC_POSIX_SECURITY. This seems to contradict the documentation at

"...getconf serves as a wrapper for the pathconf function, supporting the symbolic constants defined in the unistd.h header, without the _PC_ prefix."

If the omission of _PC_POSIX_PERMISSIONS and _PC_POSIX_SECURITY was just an oversight, I can add support for them along with my patch.


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