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Re: failed configure

2016-10-20 3:33 GMT+02:00 Brian Inglis <>:
> On 2016-10-19 09:09, juan carlos Rebate wrote:
>> 2016-10-19 5:33 GMT+02:00 Brian Inglis <>:
>>> On 2016-10-18 20:10, juan carlos Rebate wrote:
>>>> 2016-10-19 3:50 GMT+02:00 Brian Inglis
>>>> <>:
>>>>> On 2016-10-18 19:15, juan carlos Rebate wrote:
>>>>>> 2016-10-19 2:31 GMT+02:00 René Berber <>:
>>>>>>> On 10/18/2016 7:04 PM, juan carlos Rebate wrote:
>>>>>>>> in the three applications receive the same error
>>>>>>>> error cc either not exit or no work,
>>>>>>> First check that gcc is in the path, something like this (in mintty):
>>>>>>> $ which gcc
>>>>>>> /usr/bin/gcc
>>>>>>> $ which cc
>>>>>>> /usr/bin/cc
>>>>>>>> but this is not true, when I call to gcc works correctly, todod
>>>>>>>> tutorials tell me that do the following ./configure --cc=gcc or
>>>>>>>> ./configure --cc="gcc-3 -mno-cygwin" --host-cc=gcc-3
>>>>>>> Wrong, useless, tutorials.  What you really do, if needed (and it
>>>>>>> really
>>>>>>> shouldn't be needed, see above).
>>>>>>> ./configure CC=gcc
>>>>>>> In fact you can learn that by simply running:
>>>>>>> ./configure --help
>>>>> On Unix most executables have no extension, so Cygwin does not always
>>>>> show the .exe following a program name, and /usr/bin/gcc is the normal
>>>>> Cygwin output for the compiler gcc.exe, and is not a folder name.
>>>>> If you look for the file under Windows Explorer, you will see the
>>>>> directory entry for gcc.exe, unless you hide extensions.
>>>>> Please run Cygwin using the Cygwin Terminal Start Menu Entry;
>>>>> in that window, cd to the directory where the program configure script
>>>>> was downloaded; run the following command:
>>>>>         ./configure && make
>>>>> without adding any other options, and post the output in a reply here.
>>>> jc@DESKTOP-A72U7VL ~/qemu
>>>> $  ./configure && make
>>>> ERROR: "cc" either does not exist or does not work
>>> Okay you said earlier:
>>>>>> no on C:\cygwin\usr no gcc folder but if the mingw32 folder, this is
>>>>>> vygwin error because the whole development category is installed
>>> which implies you installed MinGW, not Cygwin, tools, causing the issue.
>>> You should ask about using these tools on the MinGW mailing list, see:
>>> after reading and following:
>> I do not understand what I said, I said that from the installation
>> graphical cygwin instaé entire category development to avoid
>> dependency problems, was cygwin who installed mingw instead of gcc so
>> that nueevo indicate that failure cygwin
> If you *successfully* installed the entire Cygwin Base + Development
> categories, you would at least have gcc and cc symlinked to gcc available.
> Whether you would be able to run anything without address space
> exhaustion would be the likely issue.
> Please check Cygwin /var/log/setup.log.full to see if errors were
> reported during installation - attach the log in a reply if so.
> Else please follow the Cygwin problem reporting guidelines and attach
> the output from running cygcheck -svr > cygcheck.txt to a reply post.
> --
> Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
> --
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I discovered that this is an error file set for qemu, .configure not
recognize the path of gcc on cygwin, I do not abut how to type in the
path, but I have found that when cygwin installed gcc is installed but
not install g ++ eventhough be releccionado
excuse my bad English, I have 30 years and not have education Anglo
because the Spanish education system is very bad

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