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Re: windows 10 native ubuntu hijacked sshd and starts DOS shell

On 30 October 2016 at 02:21, reik red <> wrote:
> I updated my windows 10 laptop to the new "anniversary edition", which includes a "native" Ubuntu linux environment,
> which includes a bash shell and other packages.
> When I later tried to ssh into win10, I discovered that I no longer get a login to cygwin, but rather to Ubuntu (and
> with a new known_hosts fingerprint, as could be expected). Moreover, the login shell is not even bash but some sort of
> DOS shell.
> My question is: Has anyone figured out how to steal sshd back to Cygwin, or, alternatively, to redirect the Ubuntu sshd
> to start a Cygwin shell? Because Win10/ubuntu is very new, there seems to be not much information out there.

1. This isn't the Ubuntu sshd or anything to do with Ubuntu. Windows
10 comes with its own SSHD which can be started and will drop you into
a cmd.exe I don't know why it was active on your system after the
update.. what version of 10 are you running?
2. To get Ubuntu working you need to download extra items from the
Windows store.

you found my 3. which was to run msconfig :).

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