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Re: compile python executable file on cygwin for windows

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 4:07 PM, Goodman Leung <> wrote:
> hi all
> i install python and pyinstaller on cygwin , and i can run pyinstaller
> successfully to compile a exe file on the  cygwin environment .
> but when i launch this executable file on window with double click , it
> occur a error and tell me the program can not find "cygwin.dll" (i can not
> remember what it exactly is ).
> can cygwin compile a windows python executable program .or we should treat
> cygwin like a pure linux OS that all things we have done on it just
> compatible with linux only

I don't think pyinstaller knows anything about Cygwin explicitly.
Instead, you need to list all DLLs used by your program (namely
cygwin1.dll, possibly others) in the spec file for your installer, so
that it copies them into the package too.

You can use the cygcheck program to check exactly which DLLs are
required by the executables in your program.  For example you will
also likely need Cygwin's libpythonXY.dll, and possibly others.

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