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strace 2.6.0 microsecond timing is not output

While testing the output of "windres" in Steven Penny's post earlier,
I used strace.

I don't see the microsecond timing output in the current strace
version 2.6.0.  (Output has no special relation to "windres.")

foo$ strace -o windres.strace_${RANDOM} -t -u windres

foo$ tail windres.strace_22198

00:00:05 [main] windres 56768 fhandler_console::free_console: freed
console, res 1
00:00:05 [main] windres 56768 fhandler_pty_common::close: pty4
<0xE4,0xEC> closing
00:00:05 [main] windres 56768 dtable::delete_archetype: deleting
element 0 for /dev/pty4(136/4)
00:00:05 [main] windres 56768 getpid: 56768 = getpid()
00:00:05 [main] windres 56768 proc_terminate: nprocs 0
00:00:05 [main] windres 56768 proc_terminate: leaving
00:00:05 [main] windres 56768 pinfo::exit: Calling ExitProcess n
0x100, exitcode 0x1
--- Process 56768 thread 55472 exited with status 0x1
--- Process 56768 thread 57248 exited with status 0x1
--- Process 56768 exited with status 0x1

Am I missing something here?


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