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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dash-0.5.8-3

On Wed, 25 Jan 2017 16:14:00, Steven Penny wrote:
> Obviously Bash is not the problem, nor readline as Dash doesnt use readline. So
> it appears the issue this time is again with cygwin1.dll, or perhaps the Dash
> package.

.. uhm, it appears to me that Windows is the issue here.

As those in the know do not feel inclined to respond, I will provide some
guesses that are my own:

 - in terms of input buffer management, utf-8 encoded characters will not
   be recognized in case of bash and dash ... (they are under Fedora)
    - see the output of stty -a: iutf8 is not present (it is under Fedora)
 - readline provides bash with input buffer management for utf-8 encoded
   characters on Windows (that is why it 'works' in case of bash)
 - bash has support for utf-8 encoded characters ...
   (e.g. ls -l ? will include one-character filenames in case the name is
    made up of only one multi-byte character)
 - dash has no such support ... [1][2]

Consequently, dash is only partly useful, even more so on Windows (as it
would require an additional "helper" on Windows in order to obtain proper
line-editing). Helper? readline, libedit ...

However, I am only guessing ... (only Erik and Corinna can provide expert
details here).



see Debian Almquist Shell
reply by Hertbert Xu, project owner of dash


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