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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.7.4

Thomas Wolff writes:
> Further comments welcome, and it's Achim's turn to provide further
> diagnostics input as requested in another mail. It could also be that
> screen or tmux simply make invalid assumptions about the setting of
> Wraparound modes.

That will take a while.  I'll have to set up something at home
specifically with the goal of reproducing the error.  At the moment it
looks like some sort of race between decisions made at different levels
of the stack mintty / tmux / mosh / screen since so far I've not been
able to reproduce if I take out one of these.

Are earlier versions of mintty, specifically the last versions of the
2.6 series, still available somewhere?  I'm almost certain that these
sort of things didn't happen before October or November last year.  Of
course it might have been another update of the other programs involved
as well.

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