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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dash-

On Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:52:15, cyg Simple wrote:
Ironic that *you* should make the same argument for using #!/bin/bash as
I've made to you about using #!/bin/dash.

Its not the same argument:

- You are talking about people assuming Dash is /bin/sh
- I am talking about people assuming Bash is /bin/sh

Both are wrong, but assuming Dash is /bin/sh is leagues more innocuous:

- Dash doesnt have arrays
- Dash doesnt have herestrings
- Dash doesnt have process substitution
- etc

So even if someone does mess up and include a Dashism with /bin/sh, it should be
trivial to fix. If you include heavy Bashisms with /bin/sh, it can be very hard
to undo that. Dash is not interchangable with POSIX sh, but it is certainly
closer than Bash.

But that doesn't mean you should expect /bin/sh to be dash.

I certainly dont expect that. I expect /bin/sh to be POSIX sh, and try to write
my scripts accordingly. Dash helps with this because it forces you to lose
Bashisms when writing scripts.

The idea is only sound because it uses less resources and when we're talking
about Windows a little resource makes a big difference.

Exactly. Even with Dash as /bin/sh, we are still about 5x slower than Linux
/bin/sh. People who are using /bin/sh with the assumption that it is Bash can
just change their shebang, or remove the Bashisms from their /bin/sh scripts.

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