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Re: Setup-x86_64 and Cygwin 64 Latest Updates - Packages NOT Upgraded

Brian Inglis writes:
> @ libproj9
> version: 4.9.2-1
> @ libslang2
> version: 2.3.1a-1
> @ perl-Carp
> version: 1.38-1
> Are dependencies only auto-updated when the manually 
> picked packages that depend on them are?

No, but the last two packages need manual updating because setup
considers the version on disk newer than the one offered.  At least for
perl-Carp there was a version override in place when upstream changed
their numbering scheme.

I think in this case the -f/--force-current option to setup would pick
up the correct version also.

> Could these packages now be orphans if their original manually 
> picked parent packages changed their dependencies?

Well, probably the easiest way to see if they're orphan packages is by
using the -o/--delete-orphans option to setup and check on the Pending
page which packages it wants to remove.

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