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Re: /bin/ gets deleted on error

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 10:13 AM, Felipe Vieira <> wrote:
> Dear cygwin mailing list,
> For the second time this week my /bin/ folder gets obliterated on an
> error during normal usage. It is equivalent of doing the infamous "rm
> -rf  /bin" .
> 1) I would like to know if there is a log for cygwin somewhere so I
> can be more useful in specifying what happened.
> 2) My 'specs' are: windows 7 64 bits with cygwin64 . I wonder if
> cygwin64 is considered 'stable'.
> From what I recall the terminal was spamming messages containing the
> words "fork" , "-1" and some others which I don't recall. And what I
> did was trying to run a normal zsh script.
> I am not able to tell exactly what I did on both occasions to trigger
> this behavior.
> Nevertheless thanks for the great software. If it were not for you
> guys I don't know how I could cope with Windows.
> Best,
> Felipe Vieira.

Guys I am not able to provide more information on this issue.

I'll be more cautious in copying the exact error message next time
this happens. Thanks for all of your help!


Felipe Vieira.

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