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Re: how to access and display apps that I've launched

Brian Inglis writes:
> rebaselst uses touch -t 7001010000 ... - could be patched to 197001010000.

Could be, but touch is specified to assume "19" yhen YY=70 by POSIX, AFAIK.

> Is this affected by locale and by Windows regional date settings in Control
> Panel/Region/Formats tab/Additional settings... button/Date tab/Calendar
> group/When a two-digit year is entered, interpret it as a year between
> |(nnnn-99)| and [nnnn ^v] with the default values |1980| and [2079 ^v] i.e. from
> the start of the DOS epoch which postdates the Unix epoch 19700101, and could
> cause 70 to be interpreted as 2070.

That would be surprising since the expectation really is UNIX epoch when
we're talking about Cygwin.  In any case, the OP should easily be able
to test this at the shell prompt.

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