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Problem Compiling Source Code From Unix

Hi Everyone, 

I am trying to compile some SAT solvers, which all come as Unix source-code bundles. I have installed Cygwin at c:\cygwin, and added c:\cygwin\bin to my Windows path. 

Lingeling came with the following instructions: 

configure && make 

Once I realised this translates to... 

sh && make was fine, and I am happily running Lingeling - which is a good SAT solver! 

Unfortunately, many of the other SAT solvers are based on MiniSat - and these all have the same instructions, which I cannot follow: 

export MROOT=<minisat-dir>  (or setenv in cshell) 
cd { core | simp } 
gmake rs 

I don't know what export MROOT means (or setenv). Then I do cd core (to get to the C:\Temp\MapleCOMSPS\core folder), and issue 

make rs 

I receive the error: 

Makefile:4: /mtl/ No such file or directory 
make: *** No rule to make target '/mtl/'.  Stop. 

It cannot find included files in C:\Temp\MapleCOMSPS\mtl . I have also tried adding C:\Temp\MapleCOMSPS\mtl to the Windows path - but this didn't change anything. 

Apologies if this question has more to do with my lack of knowledge of compiling under Linux than it does with Cygwin - but it would mean a lot to me to be able to get the other SAT solvers working, so I would really appreciate guidance!

PS - further apologies if the list receives a duplicate of this message - but my Outlook mail is misbehaving.

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