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Re: setup stuck on cygwin.ldif

On 08/10/2017 15:46, Shaddy Baddah wrote:

I have a weird problem happening... so I have tried to update a 64-bit
Cygwin installation on Windows 10 Pro. I closed all Cygwin processes,
and a ps -ef is showing only the ps process itself.

In anycase, during the install I was prompted that the file
/usr/share/cygwin/cygwin.ldif was busy.

the file is for Schema Extension. do you have it ?
Otherwise it may be a AV interference

 $ head cygwin.ldif
# =========================================================================
# Schema Extension for Cygwin User and Group auxiliary classes
# Extend your Active Directory using
# ldifde -i -f <path>\<this>.ldif -b <username> <domain> <password> \
#   -k -c "CN=schema,CN=Configuration,DC=X" #schemaNamingContext
# Remember:

Any ideas here? I guess I'll have to kill setup... but I fear that it
will play havoc with my install :-(

you can always reinstall the "cygwin" package and any one that result
incomplete at
$ cygcheck -c


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