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Re: emacs/unicode/chinese tone indication question

On 2017-10-14 20:25, Will Parsons wrote:
> I use Emacs under multiple operating systems, but chiefly nowadays under
> FreeBSD and Cygwin/Windows.
> I want to use Chinese tone marks in discussing historical Chinese forms, and
> by "Chinese tone marks" I *don't* mean the overhead vowel marks that are part
> of pinyin, but the marks indicated by Unicode characters A700 - A707.  These
> seem to have little support in the more common fonts.
> I *have* managed to make these (admittedly unusual) characters visible under
> FreeBSD by installing the DoulosSIL package.  But how do I do this under
> Cygwin?  (I am interested in both a native Windows and Cygwin/X solution.)

Have a look at the fonts mentioned here:

There are Cygwin packages to install for:

I use the Deja Vu fonts (Mono, Sans, Serif) for terminals, editors, browsers,
and other apps where fonts may be specified, across systems, as they support a
lot of characters and ranges, are updated to track Unicode changes, and widely

Cygwin Setup permanent postinstall fontconfig script should set these fonts up
for use by emacs and other apps.

Once installed under Cygwin, you can install these into Windows by running:
	$ cygstart /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/
then dragging the TTF files into the Windows Fonts folder.

You can do similarly with the Google Noto (No Tofu - .jp slang for undefined
char glyph) fonts, which I don't use, as there are separate packages for
different language and subranges, although character and range support should be
more comprehensive.

The above and other fonts mentioned are available in other distributions e.g.
Debian/Ubuntu packages fonts-sil-charis and fonts-sil-doulos (also fonts-dejavu
and fonts-noto) which may be installed if you have Windows Subsystem for
Linux/"Bash for Windows" and copied similarly to Cygwin fonts by running under
	$ cygstart ~/AppData/Local/lxss/rootfs/usr/share/fonts/truetype/
then dragging the TTF files from the charis, doulos, dejavu, noto subdirectories
into the Windows Fonts folder.

The other fonts mentioned are readily available by searching on the web.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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