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Re: setup's response to a "corrupt local copy"

On 12/14/2017 2:46 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, Ken Brown!

This is a followup to the discussion started here:

When setup is preparing to download files and it finds a corrupt copy in
the local cache, it issues a fatal error message telling the user to
remove the corrupt file and retry.  Steven said that setup should
silently delete the corrupt file, while I argued in favor of the current
behavior, on the grounds that setup shouldn't be deleting user files if
it doesn't know where they came from.

The point being, if this is a "Download" Setup mode, the files are NOT "User"
files, but a local setup cache. And all files therein SHOULD be valid package
There's of course situations, when setup.ini on server become corrupted or
otherwise out of sync. But being rare, they should not interfere too much.

There is a middle ground: setup could query the user.  Additionally, as
suggested by cyg Simple, there could be an option that directs setup to
silently remove corrupt files.

Make it mode dependent.
If it's a "download[ and install]" mode, cleanup and redownload.
If redownloaded file still does not match the setup.ini hash or if it's an
"install from local cache" mode, leave file alone for investigation and notify
the user.

You've misunderstood the context. The error is only shown in download or download/install mode. And, as I said, it happens when setup is *preparing* to download files and finds a corrupt copy already present in the local cache. In that context, setup has no idea where the file came from.


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