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Re: setup's response to a "corrupt local copy"

On Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:57:14, Ken Brown wrote:
And, as I said, it happens when setup is *preparing* to download files and
finds a corrupt copy already present in the local cache. In that context,
setup has no idea where the file came from.

the point is, *it doesnt matter*. it is not and shouldnt be setup.exe job to
worry about the origin of files in the Local Package Directory.

Officially this directory, and the files below, are only created by setup.exe
itself. If people are creating their own custom archives, then putting them in
the Local Package Directory, *then* expecting them to work without a modified
setup.ini, that is an error in judgment on their part.

my original point, and one that i stand by as ive seen no reasonable counter
yet, is that setup.exe should assume control of the entire Local Package
Directory and its contents. this includes removing rogue files that are in
conflict with the current setup.ini. As Hans said:

my viewpoint would be in concert with a typical "Git" workflow:

1. make changes to working directory
2. add those changes to the index

with step 2 being the analogue to creating a custom setup.ini. setup.ini should
always have the final say on what a correct file is; so if you want a custom
archive then you better tell setup.ini about it or otherwise risk it being

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