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Re: setup's response to a "corrupt local copy"

Am 16.12.2017 um 05:00 schrieb Steven Penny:
> On Fri, 15 Dec 2017 09:50:44, Vince Rice wrote:
>> It's my computer. I don't want setup (or anything else) replacing
>> files on it
>> it doesn't know about without at least asking whether that's what I
>> want it to
>> do. Setup's current behavior is exactly what it should be, IMO. If, as
>> has
>> been mentioned, someone wants to offer an *option* to replace, either
>> with or
>> without a question, then great. But the default should be to leave
>> something
>> it doesn't know about alone.
> Thankfully we dont need your opinion on this matter, as we can simply
> fall back
> to facts, as I will now do. Let us bring some sanity to this thread,
> shall we?

Hello Steven Penny,

This is exactly the disagreeable tone in most Linux forums that keeps
people from switching from Windows to Linux. In almost all the threads I
read you here, you get personal.

> Exhibit A
> ====================
> Package manager: APT
> Reference distro: Lubuntu
> Cache: /var/cache/apt
> Exhibit B
> ====================
> Package manager: DNF
> Reference distro: Fedora
> Cache: /var/cache/dnf
> Option: keepcache=True
> Exhibit C
> =====================
> Package manager: ZYpp
> Reference distro: Gecko LXQt
> Cache: /var/cache/zypp
> Option: --keep-packages
> In all cases, these package managers remove invalid archives without
> warning.
> Why should setup.exe be any different? I eagerly await your referenced and
> reasoned rebuttal.

If 100 people jump off the bridge, will you jump after them? Who says
that automatic deletion without warning is the only true solution? You?

I agree with Vince on that. If setup. exe detects that a packet is
invalid, it should ask what to do with it instead of deleting it silently.

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