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Re: setup's response to a "corrupt local copy"

On Sat, 16 Dec 2017 14:50:56, Vince Rice wrote:
No, you never need any opinion that is in conflict with yours. I'm not going
to argue with you for a variety of reasons, not least because the decision is
not yours. You have shown you don't care what anyone else thinks on this or
any other issue, and believe me, the feeling is reciprocated. I offered my
thoughts for the people whose decision this really is, and I leave it with

sure i do - here is example where i screwed up - and fixed a problem on my end:

i do care about "the other side", when said side presents a referenced and
reasoned response. you have failed to do that. you presented a use case where
you were creating custom archives, then putting them in local package directory,
then not updating setup.ini. wait no, that was Ken:

you presented no evidence or references really:

mostly and opinion post. its possible that this issue doesnt even apply to you.
with ken, he is building custom archives so it applies to him. with me, i have
a package manager that runs in concert with setup.exe, so it applies to me:

do you actually have an personal experience in this matter, or did you just want
to slight me and offer an opinion of someone with no experience of the issue at
hand. i fear the latter. APT, DNF and ZYpp are very popular package managers,
with APT being used by hundreds of thousands of people:

so it makes sense that setup.exe should behave in a manner similar to APT,
unless a very good reason is discovered why it shouldnt. more likely the
setup.exe behavior with corrupt files was decided long ago, and without
consideration to other package managers. and now that I am considering them, we
maybe have some people dissenting just to dissent, with no personal experience
of the issue. we are not talking removing files from:


we are talking about removing files from:


or similar, a directory specifically created by setup.exe. It is not
unreasonable to expect that similar to how setup.exe has the power to remove
anything from:


that it would and should have the power to remove from a directory that it

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