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Re: Cygwin socket option SO_REUSEADDR operates unlike Linux

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jan 13 00:36, Mark Geisert wrote:
This report is based on a series of recent list emails with Subject: lines
"RPC clnt_create() adress already in use" which date back to last September
but are unfortunately not chained together...  They contain a discussion
I've been having with OP Raimund Paulus.

I believe I've distilled the issue(s) down as far as I can.  A
self-contained STC is included at the end of this email.

On the latest 64-bit Cygwin, running the STC shows:

~ netstat -an|grep :111
  TCP                LISTENING
  TCP    [::]:111               [::]:0                 LISTENING
  UDP            *:*
  UDP    [::]:111               *:*

~ ./bindtest
1st socket is 3
1st bind OK
1st connect OK
2nd socket is 3
2nd bind OK
2nd connect: Address already in use

~ ./bindtest
1st socket is 3
1st bind OK
1st connect: Address already in use

On Fedora 27, running the same STC shows:

[mark@lux ~]$ netstat -an|grep :111
tcp        0      0*        LISTEN
tcp6       0      0 :::111              :::*             LISTEN
udp        0      0*
udp6       0      0 :::111              :::*
[mark@lux ~]$ ./bindtest
1st socket is 3
1st bind OK
1st connect OK
2nd socket is 3
2nd bind OK
2nd connect OK

I can't reproduce this:

$ uname -sr
Linux 4.14.13-300.fc27.x86_64
$ netstat -an|grep :111
tcp        0      0   *               LISTEN
tcp6       0      0 :::111                  :::*                    LISTEN
udp        0      0   *
udp6       0      0 :::111                  :::*
$ ./bindtest
1st socket is 3
1st bind OK
1st connect OK
2nd socket is 3
2nd bind OK
2nd connect: Cannot assign requested address

I tried this a couple of times even as root, just to be sure, but the
result is invariable "2nd connect: Cannot assign requested address".

The error message is different from Cygwin, but the overall behaviour is
the same for me, and it matches the comment I wrote in cygwin_setsockopt
back in 2009 and 2011.

I'm very puzzled that it works for you.  As I wrote in my comment, a
complete duplicate of a local TCP address is not allowed, regardless of

If I may quote Mr. Network himself, the late W. R. Stevens, "UNIX
Network Programming, Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI", Volume 1, 2nd
Edition.  Section 7.5:

  "With TCP we are never able to start multiple servers that bind the
   same IP address and the same port: a 'complete duplicate binding'.
   That is, we cannot start one server that binds port 80
   and start another that also binds port 80, even if we set
   the SO_REUSEADDR soocket option for the second server."

Rats. I'll have to investigate a couple of directions, deeper. It makes sense that connect() returns EADDRINUSE rather than bind() because only connect() knows about all 5 parts of the 5-tuple. Stevens is/was the definitive network software guy. Miss him. Most accounts I've found deal with SO_REUSEADDR on the server side, not the client side, so my intuition is a bit faulty.

Thanks for your time, Corinna. Raimund: I'll have to do some more digging when I get back to a keyboard in a week or so. Sorry for the delay on this. There might be some issue inside libtirpc where it botches error returns from the kernel. Or something.

Thanks all,


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