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Re: (1) Trouble installing. (2) Huge desktop folder. (3) ConEmu. (4) Goodness, your instructions

Nicholas Joll writes:
> 2) A 100MB file has appeared on my desktop. Is this part of the
> installation? You will understand that I do not want to leave the folder
> there. What should I do, please?

Well that's because you asked the setup program to cache the downloaded
files there as your cygcheck output shows:

Cygwin Package Information
Last downloaded files to: C:\Users\Nicholas\Desktop

The most likely reason is that you also downloaded the setup program
itself to your desktop and started it there.  You can move the folder
someplace else and the next time you use setup make sure you enter the
correct path or even just delete it (in which case setup will download
any files it might need later on again).

> 3) Integration with the program 'ConEmu' is meant to happen
> automatically, I believe.

I don't know what made you believe that, but in any case you better ask
someone who is familiar with ConEmu.  It's not something that comes with

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