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(1) Trouble installing. (2) Huge desktop folder. (3) ConEmu. (4) Goodness, your instructions

-fstack-protector and -fstack-protector-all broken after updating to gcc-core-6.4.0-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] audacity 2.2.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] biber 2.10-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] bind 9.11.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] boost 1.64.0-1


[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygport 0.30.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Document Liberation Project libraries

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] ghostscript 9.22-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ghostscript 9.22-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] glew 2.1.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-free 1.12.4-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] harfbuzz 1.7.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] icu 60.2-1


[ANNOUNCEMENT] mediainfo 17.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa 17.3.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa 17.3.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa-demos 8.4.0-0.1.20171011git

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mpd 0.20.15-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mpd 0.20.15-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ncmpcpp 0.8.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: cmark-0.28.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: unison2.51

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ocl-icd 2.2.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] openssl 1.0.2n-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] par2 0.8.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] pdated: flex-2.6.4-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php 7.1.13-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] pocl 1.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] portaudio 19.20140130-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] python3 3.6.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] sox 14.4.2-4




[ANNOUNCEMENT] texlive-collection-bibtexextra 20180105-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ttfautohint 1.8.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] twolame 0.3.13-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cppcheck-1.82-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: doxygen-1.8.14-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gcc-6.4.0-5 (x86/x86_64) (Test)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Git v2.16.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: GraphicsMagick-1.3.27a-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: GraphicsMagick-1.3.28-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: hdf5-1.8.20-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libunistring 0.9.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.8.3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mkvtoolnix-19.0.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: moreutils v0.62-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mutt-1.9.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Onigurama 6.7.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Perl distributions

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: poco-1.8.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: qpdf-7.1.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rebase-4.4.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: setup (2.884)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tinyxml2-6.0.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: znc-1.6.5-4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: zstd-1.3.3-1 and development headers / libraries

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] urw-base35-fonts 20170801-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Various OCaml packages

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Various packages rebuilt for dependencies

[ANNOUNCEMENT] writerperfect 0.9.6-1

Attention Yaakov - announcement mail

Re: AW: RPC clnt_create() adress already in use

Bash tab completion for batch files

calloc speed difference

Can't connect to ssh host with Emacs tramp

Can't link to libpopt

Re: Console buffer width always 1 column less than setting

cron running but not executing user crontab

cut|copy|paste emacs

cyggc-1 make error

Cygwin gimp can't paste image from clipboard on windows 7

Cygwin rsync slow with noacl in fstab [GishPuppy]

Cygwin socket option SO_REUSEADDR operates unlike Linux

dc3dd problem

deleted current directory behaviour

Ejecting a USB drive using Cygwin (sync)?

Re: emacs problems

Re: environ: fix link error on 64-bit Cygwin

ESC followed by UP-arrow cause bash shell to hang

Explicit dash rebaseall instructions from a CMD.EXE shell requested

Re: fast/native fork?

fast/native fork?

Re: flex package POSIX violation

Freeze of Kde applications

Re: Future of 32-bit distro

Future of 32-bit distro (was: rebase-4.4.3-1 regression: Too many DLLs for available address space)

GCC update for Cygwin 2.10

gnuplot dollar sign and command line arguments

got missing cyggc-1 file restored

Grep can't match characters before EOL marker without ^M

Hello Cygwin

Hi Cygwin

libclang5.0 is 250 MB?

libgif update ?

make fails loading shared libraries CYGWIN_NT-10.0 x86_64

mandb -p deleting "obsolete" Windows cat directories

Missing dependencies for ocaml package

Missing dependencies for opam package

missing file cyggc-1.dll

Monit Compilation Errors

Open-ssl 1.0.2n

opencv python bindings

PHP 7.1.12 still crashes on cygwin when parsing files that are multiple of 4096 bytes in size

problem running bittwiste

ps does not see all processes if used through a junctioned top level cygwin directory in cmd

python2-sphinx missing tools in /usr/bin/

Re: rebase segmentation fault

rebase-4.4.3-1 regression: Too many DLLs for available address space

reporting problem : fast cwd pointer

Re: Request new Cmake release

Request new less release

Re: RPC clnt_create() adress already in use

sed match DOS end of line

Setup request

setup takes a long time

Startkde issue

time command does not show CPU time for MinGW binaries

Re: Updated: hdf5-1.8.20-1

Upstream Spectre CVE Patch Availability

Re: vim error with cygport file

WG: AW: RPC clnt_create() adress already in use

Window 10 authorization problems

Windows Defender Exploit Guard


xhost: unable to open display ""

Re: xhost: unable to open display ""

Re: xmgrace fails on cygwin64

XWin freezes during startup in multi-window but not single-window mode on W7

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